Bluebird (DC Comics)

Name Harper Row
Relatives Cullen Row, deceased mother, imprisoned father
Affiliation Batfamily


First introduced at Harper Row in Batman #7 (March 2012), Bluebird emerged from the wrong side of the tracks and a broken family. Streetsmart and tough, Harper entered the series stealing food from a Wayne Gala. Everything changed when Batman saved her brother, Cullen, from gay-bashing thugs. During the assault, the thugs butchered Cullen’s hair with scissors so in solidarity, Harper shaved the sides of her head.

Harper became fascinated with Batman and manged to follow him around. She even found some technology that Batman had been using to disable security cameras. She stole the device and tinkered with it until she improved it. Harper continued to try to help Batman who only grew irritated with her eventually breaking her nose in an attempt to show her she wasn’t ready to help fight crime and hopefully get her to stop training.

After escaping a trap set by the Court of Owls, Batman is left to drift in a frozen river. Harper spots Batman and pulls him out of the Gotham River. She constructed a defibrillator out of a car battery to revive him.

Eventually Batman breaks down and Harper joins the Batfamily as Bluebird.


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